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Mata – I Don’t Know Yet [Prod. By Block Beattaz]

Mata is my favorite rapper that none of my friends have heard of. Real Talk. I also can appreciate how far Block Beattaz have come with their tracks. Been doin this shit since ninety six…. Mata – I Don’t Know Yet [Prod. By Block Beattaz] Jacked from TNT

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Yelawolf- Daddy’s Lambo

Big shout out to artists dropping their entire album on Serato’s… Yelawolf- Daddy’s Lambo

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Big Boi & Yelawolf – Yo DJ Ain’t No DJ produced by Andre 3000

Future age track with them super country slangs from Big Boi and Yelawolf. Good, fun topic too. Fuck all ya’ll non djs. Make sure you jam the whole thing and then ride out to the skit too. Worth your time. big boi x yelawolf = you aint no dj = Link courtesy of DJ [...]

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